best baguette

8308 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97266

Portland…You amaze me.

I just moved here about a year ago, and I feel like a kid in Disneyland for the first time. Every time I’m out, I always see a new restaurant, food cart, or market I want to try next. In the spirit of trying new things, we found a bomb banh-mi spot over in the SE side the other week. We wanted a quick, lighter lunch that wasn’t going to be a pain in the ass to get. When we arrived to the parking lot, I immediately knew it was going to be amazing.

The parking lot was jam packed and there were several cars lined up in the drive-thru. Yes, a freaking banh-mi DRIVE THRU!!

We ordered inside and got the Best Baguette Special and the BBQ Pork, with a la croix and Vietnamese iced coffee to go. In true pandemic fashion, we tailgated and demolished them in the parking lot. They were so damn good. I loved the best baguette special the best, it was a classic cold cut banh mi smeared with the tastiest pate. The baguette was nice and crusty on the outside, super airy and soft in the inside.

I’ll definitely be back. Banh-mi’s and Vietnamese food in general, are always in the rotation.


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I'm a food fanatic and hope to connect with others that are passionate about it too. I love sharing recipes, cooking, and trying new things. I'm also obsessed with taking photos of food so I plan to use this as a medium to scrapbook all my eateries.

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