egg in a basket

Here’s a quick, easy, and delicious breakfast or lunch idea! It’s the perfect combination of egg and buttery crispy toast. Ever since my best friend Yuka (Check out her website!) posted her Hokkaido milk bread recipe, I’ve been making this milk bread almost every week. I’m obsessed. Check out her recipe, it’s beyond good. The bread is so delicious on its own, and gets even better with jam, butter, and nutella.

Or you can spread the toast with some butter and top with cinnamon sugar.

I made egg in a basket with the milk bread and it was so good!

What I used:

  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1 egg
  • 1-2 tablespoons of butter
  • salt/pepper

What I did:

I used a wineglass to cut the circle out of the center of slice of bread. I removed the bread and threw it into the toaster, it was so good for dipping into the egg.

I turned my pan on medium high and threw in a slab of butter and made sure that it was evenly spread throughout the pan. I threw on the sliced bread, making sure that it was nice and golden brown on one side. I threw in a little bit more butter and flipped the bread over. I cracked an egg into the center of the bread, making sure the egg whites look evenly cooked.

I threw a little bit of salt and pepper on top, and enjoyed it with a side of fresh strawberries. It was a perfect combination, and it’s so satisfying if you love savory foods like me!


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I'm a food fanatic and hope to connect with others that are passionate about it too. I love sharing recipes, cooking, and trying new things. I'm also obsessed with taking photos of food so I plan to use this as a medium to scrapbook all my eateries.

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