best shabu sauce ever

Back in San Francisco, there’s this awesome little shabu restaurant, called Shabu Club. It was one of my favorite restaurants to go to as hot shabu go hand-in-hand on cold foggy nights in the city. I loved their kobe beef and kurobota pork, they always provide a bowl of your choice of ramen or udon, and yummy veggies. Best of all, they give you this delicious shabu sauce that I became obsessed with, and it’s probably why I loved them so much.

My take on it, is below. Not sure if it’s 100%, but it’s pretty darn similar and I’m going to warn you, this stuff is addicting.

What you’ll need:

  • Goma shabu sesame sauce
  • Ponzu shabu sauce
  • Fresh cilantro


  • Dash of fish sauce
  • Teaspoon of minced garlic

Put it together:

Depending on how much you’re making, you basically want equal parts shabu sesame sauce to ponzu. I basically chop up a handful of cilantro and then some, since I love cilantro. You want to chop up enough until the texture of your sauce looks like mine in the photo.

Enjoy with shabu, millefuelle shabu, or maybe…pork belly? 🤔

Hope you enjoy shabu at home! Being able to shabu in your sweats is undefeated.


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I'm a food fanatic and hope to connect with others that are passionate about it too. I love sharing recipes, cooking, and trying new things. I'm also obsessed with taking photos of food so I plan to use this as a medium to scrapbook all my eateries.

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