luc lac

I was feeling really tired today so I didn’t cook dinner.

Whenever I’m not feeling very well, I always want something that’s hearty and filling, something with rice and some sort of delicious side is always a plus. This rice bowl from Luc Lac was so satisfying. I got the combo rice bowl. It comes with pork, chicken, shrimp, nem nuong pork sausage, and crispy rolls (drool). Plus, it also comes with a little green salad and fresh cucumbers with nuoc cham\

It’s super easy to order to-go through their site and order a meal that gets ready in like 30 minutes. It’s always smooth sailing with their ordering/pick-up service. I recommend it if you’re looking for a hearty, quick dinner!


Published by lizkimchii

I'm a food fanatic and hope to connect with others that are passionate about it too. I love sharing recipes, cooking, and trying new things. I'm also obsessed with taking photos of food so I plan to use this as a medium to scrapbook all my eateries.

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